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Air Choice One Breaks 1000 Passenger Mark in Jonesboro, Arkansas


August 8, 2012

St. Louis, MO Aug 8, 2012 – Air Choice One is pleased to announce it has surpassed the 1,000 passenger mark for a single month for flights in and out of Jonesboro, AR in July. Bookings for flights from Jonesboro, AR to St. Louis, MO have continuously increased since Air Choice One began servicing the Jonesboro community. Ridership has experienced a 300% increase over the previous carrier’s numbers for the period of Feb-Jul, 2011 as compared to Air Choice One’s current period of Feb-Jul, 2012. When comparing the months of July, Air Choice One achieved an even greater increase in ridership of over 350% relative to the previous carrier’s same period in 2011.


Air Choice One has received great reviews, some of which can be seen on its Facebook page. Air Choice One CEO Shane Storz commented, “We are thrilled about our partnership with the Jonesboro community and the Jonesboro Municipal Airport. It’s outstanding to see such a positive response from the community. With this type of support we look forward to continued growth and are excited about the future prospects for serving the people of Jonesboro and its neighboring communities.”


John Carroll, Sales Development/Account Planner of Air Choice One commented, “I’m very pleased to see such a great response from my hometown and I hope to see continued growth and expansion of the partnership we share.”

Air Choice One started service on February 13th replacing the previous carrier as the Essential Air Service Provider in and out of Jonesboro. Air Choice One operates three round trip flights each weekday to St. Louis along with one round trip flight on Saturday and two on Sunday. Connections can also be made to our Chicago Hub through St. Louis. Flights will be made on an 8-Passenger Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft.


Air Choice One flights can be booked on leading consumer travel sites, at the check-in counter in Building 12 of Jonesboro Municipal Airport, on their website at www.airchoiceone.com, or by calling 1-866-I-FLY-VIP. Stay up-to-date on Air Choice One news, promotions, community events and more on Facebook by visiting www.facebook.com/airchoiceone.


 For more information, contact:


Air Choice One Marketing Department
12300 Old Tesson Road Ste 200F
St. Louis, MO 63128
Phone: 314-843-8501
Email: marketing@airchoiceone.com



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