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Contacting Us


Assistance with reservations, customer service and general business inquiries is available from GerogiaSkies 24-hour, toll-free switchboard.



We love to hear from our Customers and encourage you to send us your comments and questions by U.S. mail. At GeorgiaSkies we steer clear of the chat-style, instant response, casual email format and focus on meaningful Customer dialogue. This is not because we donít care. Itís because that style counters our commitment to Customer Service.

Our customers deserve accurate, specific, personal, and professionally written responses to their questions and concerns. It takes time to research, investigate, and compose a real business letter. We answer every letter we receive in the order it arrives, and we streamline in order to keep our costs low, our people productive, our operating efficiency high, and our responses warm and personal.

Mailing Address

PO Box 20280
Mesa, AZ 85277-0280

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