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Travel Basics

Frequently requested information to make your travel aboard Pacific Wings more convenient. See our complete  Contract of Carriage for more specific details.

Fees and Charges

1st Carryon Bag Free
2nd Carryon Bag (personal Item) Free
1st Checked Bag Free
2nd Checked Bag $25
3rd through 9th Checked Bag $25 Per Bag
Over Weight Bags (51-70 lbs) $25 Per Bag
Over Sized Bags (63-80 linear inches) $25 Per Bag
Garment Bags  
81-110 linear inches $25 Per Bag
Pet Fees  
Pet Charge $75 Per Pet
Recreational Equipment  
Touring and all-terrain bikes $50 Per Bicycle
Surfboards and Snowboards $25 Per Board
Audiovisual Lighting / Production Equipment $30 In Excess of Free Baggage Allowance
Reservation Fees  
Reservation Change $25 Per Change
Reinstatement Fee $25 Per Unused Ticket

Check In

  • At least one hour prior to scheduled departure

Checked Baggage Allowance

  • One (1) piece per passenger
  • Up to sixty-two (62) inches per piece*
  • Up to fifty (50) pounds per piece

* The sum of the greatest outside length plus the greatest outside width plus the greatest outside height

Checked Baggage Limits and Charges

  • Pieces in excess of seventy (70) pounds will not be accepted
  • Pieces weighing fifty-one (51) to seventy (70) pounds are subject to a $25 overweight charge
  • A $25 surcharge applies to each piece in excess of the Checked Baggage Allowance
  • The maximum size of each bag is sixty-two (62) linear inches (length x width x height)
  • Bags in excess of sixty-two (62) linear inches will be accepted without the excess baggage fee, but will be counted as two (2) regular size bags
  •  Baggage exceeding eighty (80) linear inches cannot be accepted
  • All excess baggage is space available
  • No hazardous goods can be accepted

Carry-on Items

  • Up to two (2) carry-on items per passenger, such as any combination of: purse, personal computer case, briefcase, coat

Infants And Children

  • Carrier will not provide transportation services to any infant fourteen (14) days of age or younger, unless an attending physician approves such infant for air travel in writing.
  • One child over fourteen (14) days and under two (2) years of age, not occupying a seat, will be carried without charge when accompanied by a fare-paying passenger twelve (12) years of age or older who is able to furnish valid identification.
  • Carrier will not accept for carriage any unaccompanied child under twelve (12) years of age.


  • One (1) piece of valid, government-issued photo identification, or two (2) pieces of valid non-government issued identification
  • If non-government issued identification is used, one of the pieces must be photo ID.
  • All furnished identification must be current and in the name of the passenger.
  • Xerox and/or faxed copies will not be accepted.
  • Unaccompanied children twelve (12) to eighteen (18) years of age are required to present valid photo identification.
  • School IDs are accepted for elementary, intermediate, and high school students only.

Strollers and Car Seats

  • May be checked and retrieved at aircraft door
  • Not counted as pat of carry-on or checked baggage allowance


  • Pets must be in kennels and cannot exceed seventy (70) pounds and/or eighty (80) linear inches.
  • A service charge of $75 applies to each pet.
  • Allowed in passenger cabin with approved Kennel.
  • Only animals traveling with passengers will be accepted for transport.
  • Animals are accepted solely on a space-available basis subject to the approval of other passengers.


  • Accepted as Baggage when properly crated in a bicycle case or carton; or, otherwise secured to the satisfaction of the airline
  • Pedals, wheels and handlebars must be removed and stored so as not to be damaged or cause damage to other Baggage
  • A service charge of $50 per bicycle applies.


  • Unloaded sporting firearms will be accepted in approved container.
  • Handgun containers must also be locked.
  • Small-arms ammunition intended for sport or hunting will be accepted if carried within sturdy checked Baggage in the manufacturer’s original container or an equivalent fiber, wood, or metal container specifically designed to carry ammunition and providing for sufficient cartridge separation.
  • Carrier will accept no more than three hundred (300) rounds of pistol (rim fire) ammunition, one hundred and twenty (120) rounds of rifle (center fire) ammunition, or one hundred and fifty (150) shotgun shells per passenger, with a total gross weight of the ammunition not to exceed eleven (11) pounds per passenger.

Reservation Changes

  • Reservation changes may be made by calling Pacific Wings toll-free service center 24 hours at 888-575-4546
  • Each change is subject to a $25.00 service charge.
  • No show passengers may reinstate nonrefundable tickets for a $25.00 service charge.
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